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What Our Users Say


"I have been in full time ministry for 25 years, and in that time have searched for a
program that will capture important church related data in a way that is suited to our
particular and unique needs, and at the same time is affordable. I found some that were
suitable, but completely unaffordable. Others were affordable but unsuited to our
unique needs.

Gerhard Zeelie has written a Church data program that is completely suited to the
particular needs of every local church and at the same time affordable, regardless of
the size of the congregation.

Philadelphia Church has been using ChurchMem for the past year. It has been an
absolute joy using this program for the accurate and easy capture of details of
members, their families, friends and visitors. Records are kept of income, service
attendance, courses and small groups. Birthdays don’t get forgotten. Bulk emails and
SMS messages are effortlessly sent out based on the data.

I highly recommend Church Mem to every pastor and congregation. It is probably the
greatest tool you will ever have to run the administration of your church smoothly and
Ken du Pisanie


"I want to compliment you on a “A JOB WELL DONE”. 

I appreciate your excellent work ethic and commitment to serve your customers quick and efficiently. 

My prayer is that God will have favour on this program and that you will be able to assist many more churches with an excellent system."

Suzie van Eyssen

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Bulk E-mails

Use our bulk E-mail module to communicate to the congregation effectively.


Use our Bulk SMS module to communicate important events and announcements to the congregation.

Cloud Sync

Keep all computers up to date with eachother with ChurchMEM Cloud Sync. Daily database backups included!

SQL Database

ChurchMEM usses Microsoft SQL database structure which makes intergration to other systems easy & provide robust data handling.