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There are three Licenses to choose from Light, Standard & Enterprise.
Initial license fees are charged as indicated below.
Thereafter an annual license renewal of R100 will be charged for the Light , Standard & Enterprise versions. 


Light - R500

Excludes SMS Functionality, Bulk E-mail functionality & Financial Reporting & Capturing

With the Light license you have all the functionality excluding our Bulk & Group SMS functions, Bulk E-mail & Newsletter functions and Tithes and offerings capturing and reporting.


Standard - R800

Excludes SMS Functionality

The Standard license offers all the ChurchMEM modules except for SMS functions.


Enterprise - R1000

NO Exclusions

The Enterprise License offer ALL modules and functions and has no restrictions.


Bulk E-mails

Use our bulk E-mail module to communicate to the congregation effectively.


Use our Bulk SMS module to communicate important events and announcements to the congregation.

Cloud Sync

Keep all computers up to date with eachother with ChurchMEM Cloud Sync. Daily database backups included!

SQL Database

ChurchMEM usses Microsoft SQL database structure which makes intergration to other systems easy & provide robust data handling.