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Member management with webcam snapshots, Family tree view, note section, ministry interest, Sunday school information.

Family managements section. This section reduces capturing the same information for members of the same family.                                          

The ministry section provides ministry management and ministry role management.                                                                                   

Birthdays are important. Get birthday reports for today, this month and next month. SMS birthday members directly from the application.

Bulk E-Mails & newsletters are covered! This is the most cost effective method of communication.    

Bulk SMS offers the flexibility to communicate to the whole congregation effectively.                   

We offer four group SMS function. Mens group, Ladies group, Elders group & Worship team.                          

Our advance data Sync service. Sync data between workstations from any location in the world.                                        

Bulk E-mails

Use our bulk E-mail module to communicate to the congregation effectively.


Use our Bulk SMS module to communicate important events and announcements to the congregation.

Cloud Sync

Keep all computers up to date with eachother with ChurchMEM Cloud Sync. Daily database backups included!

SQL Database

ChurchMEM usses Microsoft SQL database structure which makes intergration to other systems easy & provide robust data handling.