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Latest News

Sunday School Check-in - V2.9

Take your churches children's ministry to the next level with our online check-in. Done from the teachers smartphone.
The parent will receive a check-in confirmation SMS and the child's attendance is logged into the database. 


ChurchMEM Online Beta Release!

We are super excited to announce the first beta release of ChurchMEM Online. Now you can manage and view your data online.
This beta release is available free of charge to all ChurchMEM data sync subscribers while in Beta stage.


Care Groups & Workshops - V2.8

Addition of care-group/small group and workshop management.
Keep record of the members attendance to small groups and workshops.



Print Email


Bulk E-mails

Use our bulk E-mail module to communicate to the congregation effectively.


Use our Bulk SMS module to communicate important events and announcements to the congregation.

Cloud Sync

Keep all computers up to date with eachother with ChurchMEM Cloud Sync. Daily database backups included!

SQL Database

ChurchMEM usses Microsoft SQL database structure which makes intergration to other systems easy & provide robust data handling.