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Our heart is churches and God's people. We strongly believe that every church should have a software management system in place. No matter how small or big. Not just keeping tabs on the members and ministries, but also effective communication.

ChurchMEM is a Windows platform application using a Microsoft SQL database to store all your data. We offer a Bulk E-mail facility as standard. We also offer Bulk SMS and a four groups SMS facility. Communicating to the whole church or smaller groups.

In addition to this we also offer our unique CloudSync service. This service allows all your ChurchMEM computers to stay up to date with each other by syncing all the data to our ChurcMEM server. On top of this we offer a complete daily backup facility of your database as part of our CloudSync service. Loosing your laptop or a PC crash is no longer an issue if you subscribe to our CloudSync service.




Bulk E-mails

Use our bulk E-mail module to communicate to the congregation effectively.


Use our Bulk SMS module to communicate important events and announcements to the congregation.

Cloud Sync

Keep all computers up to date with eachother with ChurchMEM Cloud Sync. Daily database backups included!

SQL Database

ChurchMEM usses Microsoft SQL database structure which makes intergration to other systems easy & provide robust data handling.